Firm Overview


The law office of Kent Runnells, P.A.  provides a wide variety of personalized services to our business clients. Our clients tell us that one of the most important things that distinguishes us from the “other guys” is that we take pride in being extremely responsive to their needs.   Business moves at the speed of technology, and these days that means opportunities can be missed in the time it takes to receive and respond an e mail.  When our clients call, we return those calls promptly.  By specializing in transactions and virtually never going to court, we remain ready to assist our clients as their needs require.  






Contact Us You can call us at (727) 726-2728 or e-mail us at to explain your legal needs or arrange a consultation.


Commercial Real Estate
We represent commercial clients in virtually all matters and transactions that involve commercial or industrial real property, including purchase, sale, finance, development, exchange, construction, lease and management.  We can assist in contract negotiations, arranging third party inspections, negotiating loan documents, and we can close these transactions.  We are an agent for Old Republic and First American Title Insurance companies, and issue title insurance on deeds, mortgages and leases. 


Residential Real Estate
Although we concentrate in commercial real estate transactions, we also stand ready to assist you in the sale, purchase, financing and leasing of residential real estate.  If you are buying or selling without a realtor, and you are ready to put a deal together, call us.  We can do whatever needs to be done to get your transaction closed; and you will find that we work for a fraction of what a realtor gets paid as commission.


I.R.C. Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges
We have also served on many occasions as a Qualified Intermediary in “Like Kind” Exchanges, which are a technique available under the Internal Revenue Code that allows a tax payer to defer the recognition of capital gains taxes under certain circumstances.  In addition to doing the standard “Forward Exchange” we have also served as an Exchange Accommodation Title Holder in Reverse Exchanges.  Many investors are not familiar with Reverse Exchanges, and are unaware that the I.R.C. also allows you to acquire your Replacement Property before you actually sell the Relinquished Property and still enjoy the tax deferral advantages of Sec. 1031. Like Kind Tax Deferred Exchanges are not limited to real property, and we have served as the Qualified Intermediary in other types of sales, including boats.  Like Kind Exchange treatment is not available for any type of intangible property, such as stocks, bonds, or promissory notes.


Business Opportunities and Commercial Transactions

We have experience negotiating, drafting and reviewing all types of contracts, not only for real property, but also for equipment and other types of personal property.  We can assist you in buying or selling an ongoing business or all of its assets, as well as starting a new one. We will assist you in choosing the best form of entity for your undertakings.  LLC’s are great, but they are not for every deal.  Sub-chapter S Corporations can be perfect for an operating entity, but rarely are they the best choice for a real estate holding entity.  We also negotiate and prepare shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and partnership agreements. Our goal is always to take the approach that best achieves your legal and business objectives, in a cost effective manner.


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